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10 Commandments for Independent Female

10 Commandments for Independent Female

The 10 Commandments for Independent Female

Most of the time, women don’t know their value. They are more adjusted to the ways life had thrown their way and settle. Women are constantly waiting for someone to validate, promote or mentor them. It’s time to step up, dazzling women. Here are ten principles for owning your dazzle and bringing it to the world:

1. Thou shall appreciate life’s struggles:

It is just too easy blaming fate/God/poverty/gender for all your troubles. it is also foolish to pretend they never exist. Struggles are a part of a woman’s life and you need to know that this will pass. Remember that these moments is an important lesson to learn for the future, because it will keep you humble and more appreciative of all the things that are right in your life.

2.Thou shall not stop imagining.

What does a dream life look like to you? What is the career that seems so joyous you may give up everything for? Whether it be having lots of time, tons of money, earning fame, being adventurous or leading a life of prayer, never stop envisioning this. And try hard so that you get the life you want. That’s the beginning of having it.

 3.Thou shall be self-confident:

  Good looks may get you attention, free drinks and a crown maybe but confidence is the true superpower which will put you at center stage. Whether you wear designer, expensive jewels or high heels, if you have no confidence you will still look plain. So walk with your head held high, smile on your face and let your eyes do the talking.

4.Thou shall take care of yourself

When your husband is ill, you run around playing nurse along with your original responsibilities. When you son/daughter is sick, you quit everything to nurse them back to health. Why not give yourself the same priority. Laugh, sleep, eat right, exercise, spend more time with your loved ones and do everything in you power to have a healthy and strong life. Do not sacrifice important areas of your life.

  • 5.   Thou shall step out of one’s comfort zone:

Sometimes we get too comfortable in our routine that the thought of variations can scare us. This often stops us from doing better things, achieving higher goals and enjoying happiness. And as women we as it is have more rigid rules than men which can lead to you refusing jobs away from home, not attaining a higher degree, not pursuing your passion, getting married too soon etc. Trying something new to something you’ve never done before could offer a whole lot of benefits to your life and personality.

  • 6.Thou shall accept one’s faults. 

We’re mistaken; we’re stubborn; we’re irritating at times. And though you can blame it on raging PMS hormones, inside you know that isn’t the truth. Sometimes you make mistakes and that’s okay, it is a part and parcel of being human. Accepting and admitting that you have made a mistake gives you a new opportunity to grow as a person. And to give others a chance to see that you are not a psychotic person with no feelings.

  • 7.Thou shall have an open mind. 

Some women like to be extreme planners while some like to go with the flow. Neither approach is the written truth however you need to try to look at the world from someone else’s perspective. You may think and notice things that you never would have noticed before instead of bad-mouthing and fighting.

  • 8.Thou shall resist against imposing judgment on others. 

We have heard the adage that a woman is another woman’s greatest enemy. Do not let this silly myth anymore momentum. Give the other woman a chance to speak out her mind and accept whatever path that makes them happy. Their way isn’t right or wrong because it just simply works for them.

9.Thou shall independent and also dependent when necessary. 

Being an independent woman is very essential to your personal growth ,nothing can be achieved  while you are still living on your father’s money and your mother’s love constantly doting on you. Having your own income, learning to do daily chores can truly liberate you.

But keep in mind that you can’t do it all. Do not fall under the impression that you have to be a hard rock, keeping all your worries to yourself. Sharing some things loved ones is what makes life so inspiring and knowing you have help can help you fight all obstacles.

  • 10. Thou shall develop a thick skin

You’re not going to be congratulated when you things right but you might be criticized when you do something wrong. Sometimes people will not agree with you and you may not agree with them too. Maybe people will just not like you. None of this is your problem! Ignore all the opinions that should not be given in the first place.  A thick skin will be you weapon but don’t confuse be a doormat. Having a thick skin means putting the person who just acted like a loser back in their place.



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Ankit Kandoi
Armed with engineering degree, Co-founder of RoofnRoom.com and Fidato Research & Services.He is Talker. Listener. Foodie. Music lover. Traveler. Singer. A colour outside the colour box.

About Ankit Kandoi

Ankit Kandoi
Armed with engineering degree, Co-founder of RoofnRoom.com and Fidato Research & Services.He is Talker. Listener. Foodie. Music lover. Traveler. Singer. A colour outside the colour box.

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