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Paramjit Singh Sidhu


Paramjit Singh Sidhu  ,Founder / CEO,Evangelist

Paramjit Singh Sidhu  has diverse industry exposure and extensive professional experience under the belt.He is guiding people to be smart, creative & highly motivated in their respective industry from past 20 years.Usually Recognized as Visionary Entrepreneur,Motivator and Career Counselor. Mr.Sidhu is known for innovative ideas and his hold on operation and process. Also,He is known for keen interest in new business initiatives.

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Dr.Vikas Bhatheja is a Chandigarh Based Renowned Herbalist, Hypnotherapist, Clinical psychoanalyst and behavior therapist having wide experience of 20years in the field. Dr.Vikas is also registered with Rehabilitation Council of India as Rehabilitation psychologist Till date, he has treated more than 25000 cases successfully of Anxiety,Depression,OCD,Psychosis,Neurotic Illness , Suicidal tendencies , Divorce and other Relationship issues, ADHD , Learning disability, Personality disorders ,other behavioral issues,Fuge and various mental disorders.

Dr.Vikas Bhatheja is practicing cognitive behavior therapy along with psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychometric testing and counseling therapies.

Apart, he is Motivational Speaker, Mind Trainer and Spiritual Coach and organizing various programmes, workshops and seminars worldwide under the banner of Blissful Mind.

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Gurmeet kaur Nakhwal

Gurmeet kaur Nakhwal is Managing Editor from Chandigarh,India.She is handling her photography business and global e-commerce business too.If you’re looking for content or social media advice for your business, get in touch.

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Ishwar Antwal is dynamic and phenomenal strategist and Digital Marketing Officer.

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Akaar Sidhu is Coordinator  # Happy-go-lucky-guy # Follows-his- heart (He truly is  Miracle guy!) .He finds it extremely difficult to sit still.


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Smart Sidhu have diverse industry exposure and extensive professional experience under the belt. Smartsidhu is multi-tasking team leader with high sense of responsibility towards deadlines and have an ability to present concepts and ideas with full conviction.
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