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If you can create or curate content that you and your friends would love to express, then SmartSidhu.com is for you.

We are looking for parodies and contributors to help us to create new revolution of mankind.

 SmartSidhu.com is your one-stop destination to discover and share everything around the world that is happening on the Internet. We curate and create positive, informative, affective motivation stories with the sole intent of helping it reach as many of us as possible.

Our editorial team covers stuff that is share-worthy & evokes a response from anyone who watches it and everything else.

We expect very substantial percentage of our content should come from our Contributor network. We are looking for people from varied professions like advertising, journalism, freelancers content writers to name a few, who can contribute to SmartSidhu.com. If you see yourself as a potential contributor, Write to us at info@smartsidhu.com with your resume, area of expertise (like editorial, business development, sales etc) and contact details.

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Smart Sidhu have diverse industry exposure and extensive professional experience under the belt. Smartsidhu is multi-tasking team leader with high sense of responsibility towards deadlines and have an ability to present concepts and ideas with full conviction.

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